Zdravé dýchání

Mouth breathing is a habit common to around 50% of children. It is caused by airway obstruction or a small airway, and can be triggered by swollen adenoids and tonsils or allergies and a stuffy nose. When a child breathes through the mouth at night, the result is a serious condition called sleep-disordered breathing, which shows up as snoring and sleep apnea. In infants, sleep-disordered breathing has been linked to cases of cot death. The fact is, no child should ever snore.

In order to resolve their child’s sleep problems, many parents resort to removal of the adenoids and tonsils. But the truth is, this is only an effective long-term solution in 27% of children. In fact; top sleep expert Dr. Christian Guilleminault went as far as to state that: “Restoration of nasal breathing during wake and sleep, may be the only valid end point when treating sleep apnea.”

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